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The founders of AMIITO-Tech, both trained architects and teachers at the Integrated Master degree in Architecture and Urbanism at Fernando Pessoa University (Porto – Portugal), have built up, during the years, a great experience in the field of architectural and engineering design. In their portfolio, projects such as the UFP’s University Hospital (Porto – Portugal); the UFP’s Campus Canary (Gran-Canary – Spain); the ISCIA Headquarters and Pedagogical Building (Aveiro – Portugal) and the Hydrotherapy Center of Gondomar (Gondomar – Portugal).

AMIITO-Tech specialized in the development of components for buildings, given the need that its founders felt during its activities of their architecture projects. Frederico and Miguel admit this difficulty, when architects often do not find on the market the ideal product solutions for their projects. As a result, they decide to venture into the field of Product and Industrial Design, and, in their portfolio, we can find several highlights, for instance, window systems and high-technologically advanced facades. In 2017 they were awarded internationally with the prestigious Red Dot Award, and more recently with the best window at Batimat Innovation Awards, which was attended by the most prestigious windows brands in the international market.

AMIITO-Tech has acquired special capabilities on project management services in its different stages, from pre-project to the execution. The professionalism combined with the technical skills of its members, covers all the technical needs even in special “tailored-made” projects, offering innovative technical solutions that cross the areas of architecture, engineering and design, in order to achieve the perfect solution, balancing technology, performance and aesthetics in a single solution. AMIITO-Tech also specialized in the use of advanced structural and thermal calculation tools, giving them the skills to advise on project management with special requirements.

Given the technical capacity of its members and the needs for the development of its activity, AMIITO-Tech has naturally ventured into the field of three-dimensional photorealistic simulations as well as the execution of physical models through 3D printing. Thus, AMIITO-Tech provides “3D Rendering” services, at the best prices in the market, promising the best delivery times. AMIITO-Tech also has the best equipment available for 3D prints in polymer materials (ABS, ASA or PLA). The execution of metal parts is also possible by CNC technology.