We present you the minimalist chair.

ORISIT invites you to lean on an homage to historic art and engineering. This beautiful partnership converges through and takes inspiration in the blend of the antique craft of Origami and current modern aesthetics, namely polygonal 3D. The polygonal structure’s steady lines show how we appreciate it’s origins. Moreover, it’s imposing presence bows to the alliance with modern aesthetics.

Not only can you travel to ancient times of great craftsmanship, but you will also feel the cutting edge of right-now: fiber glass and resin materials bestow this chair with a timeless presence. Ensuring ORISIT will stand the test of time. You can, too, bestow your spaces with time-travelling mystique.

As you can see here, being versatile is of great value. With this in mind, you also get to choose between multiple colour stories. In fact, you can combine them however you please. Since the seating is a separate part of the base, you can match the chairs to wherever it belongs seamlessly.

beautiful chair seen from the front and the side