LARGLASS is made up of the latest fiberglass profile technology developed for fenestrations and facades when a full exterior view of glass is desired.

It’s use of fiberglass profiles with low thermal conductivity (W/M K = 0.40) has taken up the challenge of the most demanding energy efficient certifications and, thus, was developed a system that can easily meet them, such as Passivhaus and Minergie.

Energy efficiency: Fiberglass has a very low thermal transmission, meaning it’s great for keeping the heat inside and keeping the cold outside. This translates into up to 50% lower electricity bills, either for heating or cooling purposes, and more conscious global environmental protection. In addition, it completely eliminates the risk of moisture and condensation on the surface of the glass or on the profiles.

Structural resistance: Fiberglass is structurally much more capable than aluminum. This allows the use of profiles with reduced dimensions even in large glazed panes. Due to their high resistance, and no need of polyamide thermal-break, the deformation and contraction levels of fiberglass profiles are practically nonexistent.

Excellent acoustic isolation: The fixtures also provides excellent sound absorption for a high quality of life (34-48dB).

Lifetime: Fiberglass is highly resistant to corrosion and rotting, revealing the perfect material to use in more aggressive environments, such as marine environments. The lifetime of fiberglass profiles is higher than PVC, wood or even aluminum. This reduces the need for periodic maintenance. The fiberglass keeps the finishing tones much longer than any other material, since the base of the material is a natural U.V. protector.

Eco-Conscious production process: The pultrusion process is low polluting, requiring small amounts of energy (up to 80% less than traditional materials, such as aluminum) and fiberglass is a recyclable material. The process of pultrusion of new profiles includes 10% of recycled material, and the remaining wastes are used as bituminous waterproofing materials.

Low maintenance: LARGLASS reversible opens throughout 165°. Cleaning becomes extremely easy.

Fixed typology
Door typology
Reversible/Top Hung/Side Hung typology
Larglass at Swiss BAU 2018
Larglass at Swiss BAU 2018