The product started from the idea of proposing a sliding window with all the rim profiles completely hidden, which are concealed in the building’s finishing materials, whether be in wood, concrete, stone, ceramic, etc.

Following this idea, FUSION system presents a visual concept never seen before in the sector, with a number of advantages beyond its aesthetics, such as:

  • Easy accessibility to the buildings is fully resolved, with this system presenting a “barrier-free” solution with no visible frames and bearings, promoting easy-access mainly for persons with reduced mobility;
  • Taking advantage of the fact that the window frame is fully concealed, it was possible to create a drainage system featuring a modular channel profile, easily adaptable to the window frame system. This drainage channel was found to be highly effective in draining rainwater, reaching class E (exceptional class in watertightness) ratings in laboratory tests – Class E1650 (7 classes above the maximum reference class rating according to standard EN12208 + ISO EN1027).

In summary, the following objectives were achieved with this product:

  • Eliminate the view of the perimeter rim profiles associated with a sliding window;
  • Promote the use of the building for people with reduced mobility, through a “barrier-free” system and without visible frames and bearings, which in addition to presenting visual advantages, the concealment of the frames and bearings allows free passage without unintentional risks of slipping or stumbling;
  • Considerably increase the levels of watertightness, through the creation of a highly efficient drainage system, which allows the flow of large amounts of rain-water;
  • Protect the frame profiles from severe weather conditions, especially in more corrosive environments (marine environments), as well protect from scratches made by the using of the building by the users;
  • Considerably increase the thermal performance of the glazed set, taking into account that the profiles are hidden and protected by the building’s finishing materials, resulting in a much lower thermal conductivity, avoiding the occurrence of linear thermal losses.

The FUSION system presents the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance, proposing a solution with the minimum visible profiles in its final state of use, with the best performance on the market, especially with regard to high levels of water tightness and drainage, as well as low thermal transmission coefficient.

FUSION at BAU Munich 2019


Thermal transmission: (calculation module 4.60 x 3.00 meters)
ISO EN 10077-1 + ISO EM 10077-2 (up to)
Ug = 0.7 W/(m²K) : Uw = 1.0 W/(m²K)

Water tightness: E1650
ISO EN 12208 + ISO EN 1027

Air permeability: Class 4 (600 Pa or 110Km/h)
ISO EN 12207 + ISO EN 1026

Wind resistance: Class C5 (2000 Pa or 200 Km/h)
ISO EN 12210 + ISO EN 12211

Impact resistance: Class 5 (In 6 possible classes)
ISO EN 12600 + ISO EN 1630

Acoustic insulation: Rw: 41dB (with glass Rw: 45dB)
ISO EN 10140 + ISO EN 717

Anti-burglary rating: RC2:(WK2)
ISO EN 1627