Glasmotif, Living Frames, is a modular facade system for architecture, referring to large sliding panels, in glass or any other material, created by the most award-winning engineering team in the segment of minimalist window frames, AMIITO-Tech.

Being a modular system, it offers multiple types of application, as well as two optional finishing options, one in which the perimeter frame is visible, to be applied when it is intended to assume the border between the interior and exterior building materials, and the other where the frame is perfectly hidden, allowing the continuous reading between interior and exterior materials. All these application options are possible, even with a very small amount of profiles and accessories.

Glasmotif, Living Frames represents a perfectly homogeneous and continuous design solution in all the perimeter of the window, be it in the vertical sections, be it in the horizontal sections. In any type of application, the system promotes accessibility to people with reduced mobility, since there are no outgoing or re-entering profiles.