Combining elegance and performance in one window system


The FLEX frame is a product that combines the best performance of the most demanding standards in today’s market, with the elegance of the old hand-made steel and wood frames widely used in the Modernism era, with the additional advantage of solving a diversified range of typologies and solutions in a unique integrated and consistent visual language solution.

The FLEX frame allows the combination of different typologies and positions, maintaining the maximum visual integrity of the frames and common image, diluting the window in the construction in a minimum plastic expression.
If you want an additional decorative frame beyond the aluminum frame, e.g. in natural wood, the FLEX frame has the flexibility to enhance the window and transform it into an element of integral composition in the architectural elevation.

beautiful window system made of steel with elegant wood details
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beautiful setup of the flex window system made of steel with wooden notes
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isometria flex