June 15, 2020

ATTITUDE Magazine Feature

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ATITTUDE Magazine Feature



AMIITO-tech has been featured in ATTITUDE Magazine through an in-depth insight on our founders minds and being awarded the Red Dot Award.

You can read the entire piece by clicking below.

Frederico Ferreira and Miguel Faria Correia are both architects by training and professors of the Integrated Master in Architecture and Urbanism at the Fernando Pessoa University. As a result of their respective professional careers, they have both specialized in the development of products, particularly in the area of window frames and façades.

That is how AMIITO Tech came about, combining the domains of architecture, engineering and design. AMIITO is comprised of a multidisciplinary team, developing technologically advanced systems of façades for buildings – transparent, translucent or opaque – that can be comprised of entirely static elements or may include dynamic, moveable modules.

“We are an architectural and engineering practice, but with a strong vocation for developing products, namely components for buildings”, the founders state.

The resulting combination of strengths with the OTIIMA team, operating within the segment of minimalist windows, has led to a series of optimizations on a variety of levels. Miguel spoke to us of the example of the solution that they found, “which to a certain extent is revolutionary in terms of sliding windows in general”, regarding the aesthetics and functionality of the locking systems. “We wanted the experience of the person opening the window to be similar to the opening of a car door, that is, with just one movement we could open the lock and slide the window. That’s the basic concept, with our premise being, above all, to completely conceal the gadgetry associated with the opening and closing
of the windows. After all, if we’re talking about minimalist windows, why should the accessories have to be visible?”.

Within this context, and proving the success of this partnership, it’s worth highlighting the “38 PLUS SYSTEM”- winner of the prestigious RED DOT Design Award – PRODUCT DESIGN 2017. This is the minimalist window frame system with the best market performance (on an international level) regarding water tightness, air permeability and wind resistance. This internationally-patented system embodies the evolution of the classic minimalist window, with aesthetic improvements and with added technical advantages, equipping the window with perfect structural stability.

“We understand that the products have to respond to an identity, a strong and well-defined concept. It can’t simply be yet another product.”

“The process of ‘imagining’ the ideal window includes conceiving an idea that, on the one hand, will be aesthetically unique and perfect and, on the other hand, will fulfill its technical functions and the user’s expectations. This kind of exercise is close to that of architecture except that, in this case, instead of designing buildings, we are possibly designing what might be the most important component of the building: the window, that element that transports light to the interior of the building”, Frederico explains. He also acknowledges the difficulties encountered when architects don’t always find the ideal solutions for given projects on the market. This is largely due to the fact that “construction products are rarely conceived of or designed by architects and, as a result, often don’t meet the expectations of those who design the building. This is where we step in, especially since we believe that the role of the architect goes far beyond simply designing buildings”, he states.

Faced by the reality of bringing in a new generation of minimalist window systems, Frederico explains,

“Regardless of the improvements that can be implemented regarding current solutions, we know that the transformation techniques of these are also evolving. We’re tuned in to these developments and every day we work so that we are on the cutting edge of this market. At the moment we do feel we are on the cutting edge of solutions for minimalist windows available on the market and regarding novelties that will soon be launched. A new generation of windows will be born.”