May 29, 2020


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AMIITO-Tech has been featured in a focused article. Read it by clicking below.

Diving into what makes our team special, and what we work on, the written piece touches on the awards we have received while growing and developing new products. Speaking of, these are our new developments highlighted in the piece:

To know more about Fusion 2.0, click here. If you’re interested in learning about Flex, click here. Everything about Plus can be found here. And Fusion can be discovered through here.


AMIITO-tech is a multidisciplinary design team with a strong capability and technological competence in the field of architecture, engineering and product design. The team focuses its activities in the development of special components for buildings, approaching the needs of architects when often they do not find on the standard market the ideal product solutions for their projects.

AMIITO-tech offers a customized product and in their portfolio, we can find several highlights, mainly highly technological facade systems.

In 2017, not only were they awarded internationally with with the prestigious red dot award, but also won with the best window system at batimat innovation awards, in paris. In 2019 they were also awarded as a german design award winner.

AMIITO-tech has acquired special capabilities on project management services in its different stages, from pre-project to the execution. The professionalism combined with the technical skills of its members covers all the technical needs, even in special “tailored-made” projects.

Offering innovative technical solutions that cross the areas of architecture, engineering and design in order to achieve the perfect solution balancing technology, performance and aesthetics.

AMIITO-tech also specializes in the use of advanced structural and thermal calculation tools, giving them the skills to advise on project management with special requirements.



FUSION 2.0 is an innovative and intelligent modular facade system for moving mobile panels that can reach theoretically unlimited dimensions within the production limits of the panel material itself, a system entirely created from scratch in all its components aiming to cross the best thermal, acoustic and air and water permeability performance, with a superior aesthetics that leads to the maximum exponent of the minimalist essence in architecture, despite being the market system that best solves the problems in accessibility to buildings. Users with reduced mobility, as well as making the whole solution practical and simplified from the point of view of installation and maintenance.

The FUSION 2.0 system is the latest creation of the most awarded portuguese industrial design team in terms of product design developed in the field of minimalist architectural façade systems. AMIITO-tech, which was previously awarded the Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award and Batimat Innovation Award.

AMIITO-tech describes the FUSION 2.0 system as the most balanced system on the market with regard to the three core values in product design: Dsegin, Function and Maintenance.

Design reveals itself in the Fusion 2.0 system as a homogenous aesthetic solution, where the fixed frame of the system integrates perfectly into the building and which, in addition to being concealed in the finishing materials after installation, is only visually revealed by cover plates between them, and by subtle perimeter lines that will allow the miving panels moving within said fixed and concealed ring in the building.

The Function in the FUSION 2.0 system is fully solid as it addresses issues ranging from integrating the tiniest element in the whole of the system and vice versa to issues that are intrinsically related to sustainable manufacturing, economic impact and overall technical performance, further ending with the user experience in all its possible aspects, from the temporary user who will use the building during its construction period as well as the end user, the one who will use the building in its lifetime.

Finally, Maintenance, a special focus considered in FUSION 2.0, as the system allows simple maintenance that can be easily done even by the end user of the product, as well as easily replacing the components that finish the entire system, the only visible component in the system, the end caps at any time during the building’s lifetime, be it in the building’s construction phase, which is usually critical given the intensive and less careful use by those involved in the construction, as well as in the life of the building after construction-

Among other advantages, the system has a unique feature in the market, considering that the system’s fixed ring, the one in contact with the building, has perimeter cavities that are immediately below the finishing caps, becoming technical spaces that allow the use of rigorous mechanical fixings that offer the highest safety to users, a basic principle inspired by the most advanced curtain wall systems on the market that equip the tallest and most complex tower in the world in the cavities, additional subsystems may be introduced which further improve the technical performance and user experience, namely:

a) Thermal probes that allow the surface of the aluminum profiles to be heated, allowing the system to be used in countries where snow and negative temperatures are recurrent, maintaining the same overall performance of the system applied in a country of mild temperature;

b) Thermal-acoustic insulating foam boards; LED lighting strips;

c) Intrusion security sensors;

d) Introduction of concrete or biometric slabs to control automatic mobility and access control systems;


FLEX by Carvalho Araújo

FLEX frame is an architectural glazing product, that combines the highest technical performance of today’s most demanding standards in the construction market, with the elegance and delicacy of minimalist steel and wood frames hand-made by locksmiths, with the additional advantage of solving a diversified range of typologies and solutions in a unique integrated and consistent visual language of the various frames, diluting the entire solution in the construction with the purest and simplest appearance.

FLEX frame optionally permits the integration of a wooden decorative sub-frame, which can take on various dimensional expressions, thus enhancing the window and making it an integral element of the architectural elevation composition.

“Sometimes we want to dilute the window in the building to a minimal expression. Sometimes we want to have a visual framing, a window enhancement as a composition element. Other times we want both expressions to value a particular composition.”

José Carvalho Araújo

By using rim profiles in aluminum connected with reinforced binding polyamides, and glazed panes in structural tempered glass, the FLEX system provides superior performances in watertightness, air permeability and wind resistance, as well low thermal transmittance between interior/exterior.

Vertical profiles with 30mm front view, but only two 5mm lines are apparent, provide the best design elegance combined with superior thermal and static performances.

The reinforced stainless-steel ball bearings allow a smooth and easier sliding opening by the user. In opened position, the system provides a perfect continuity between interior and exterior, as the upper level of bottom track are fully leveled with the interior and exterior materials of the building.



PLUS SYSTEM was recognized with “Red Dot” outstanding design for the Reddot Award in the category Product Design.

PLUS is an exclusive minimal window system, characterized by an innovative system (bottom and top position), with all the rim profiles perfectly flushed to the construction materials.

This system provides to the glazed panels a superior stability by using vertical and horizontal bearings, offering also an outstanding performance in water tightness, air permeability and resistance to wind loads.

PLUS is also equipped with an exclusive anti-freeze system (bottom position). This innovative hidden system provides the anti-condensation process on the glass panels. It also potentiates the defrosting of any ice formations inside the windows gutter system, providing improved water drainage, even under extreme weather conditions.

PLUS has a hidden high security lock on the handle position.
A slim and elegant handle equipped with a hidden lock system, provides the window a streamlined appearance, leading to the limit the minimal essence, allowing also an improved level of security, combined with an intuitive and simple user experience.



FUSION offers you a system which is completely built into the finished materials, as if the window had merged with the building to become a single entity.

FUSION system incorporates rim profiles with reinforced binding polyamides and toughened glass, providing better thermal and structural performance.

FUSION system is innovative, and is the only existing system which is completely built-in on all four sides of the frame, allowing the perfect fusion and continuity between interior and exterior space.

In addition, the FUSION system incorporates a gutter capable of channeling a large amount of rainwater even in extreme situations.
This system has achieved exceptional results on leakage tests, with an e1650 class exceptional, (7 classes above class 9a) according to en 12208 + iso en 1027.


BAU Munich

Digital, connected, integrated and smart: “Thinking the future of building more connected to technology” was the highlight of BAU Munich’s 2019 edition.

BAU Munich fair is considered one of the largest international fairs in the sector with 2,250 exhibitors from 450 countries, attracting 85,000 visitors from 150 countries and has been taking place for 55 years. In its 2019 edition, in January, MMTW participation was a success where the products REVOLUTION and PLUS were showed. The MMTW stand was one of the 15 participants of the Portuguese representation was featured in Architecture Today, the leading UK architectural magazine:

“Portugal-based Otiima specializes in steel windows with minimal frames, achieving profiles of just 20mm, even for large units. Innovation prizes, production flexibility and a keenness to work with architects make it well worth remembering. I particularly liked its sliding door system that works with curved glass and was fascinated by an ingenious horizontal pivot system for windows. One of Otiima’s monumental 36-square-metre sliding doors was installed in the company owner’s house, which featured in the BBC series Extraordinary Homes. At BAU Otiima demonstrated a further leap forward, introducing an entirely frameless sliding door, an innovation made possible with an ingenious piece of hardware from Italian company Savio called SlideArt Mag. The doors hang from hidden gear with very strong magnets that lift them to open and drop to form a watertight seal, allowing a completely level threshold with no floor track.”



This year we featured our outstanding Systems PLUS and FUSION in 10 editions at different countries around the world!

ARCHITECT@WORK fairs are much more than just a platform for architects and interior designers to learn about the most innovative materials and products in the building industry. A@W’s promote knowledge exchange through daily seminars with recognized local professionals who share their experiences with fellow visitors.

In each edition, A@W selects only exhibitors who aim to present new products, materials, applications and services.

These are previously selected by a technical department composed of architects and interior designers, whose mission is to find innovative products. This way, the visitor is guaranteed a proficient and productive visit!